How to Remove Ads from Pool Pages

Ad Removal Explained
Ad Removal Explained

Office Pool Junkie is funded entirely by your voluntary payments and ad revenue, with the latter being generated primarily by ads displayed on pool pages.

Pool admins can reduce, or even remove the ads entirely from their pool pages by making a PayPal payment. Since payments are "Pay What You Want", any payment amount will reduce the number of times ads are displayed.

The Ad Removal Rate is calculated as follows:

Ad Removal Rate (%) = Payment / Removal Threshold x 100

Ads will be removed entirely if the payment meets (or exceeds) our Removal Threshold, which attempts to calculate the ad revenue based on the following criteria:

  • Pool format
  • Number of participants
  • Pool duration (for certain pool formats)

Pool Admins can make payments for their pool by clicking "Pay What You Want" under the Pool Admin section of the Pool Menu.

Ad Removal Calculator
Ad Removal Calculator

You can estimate a pool's Ad Removal Rate and Threshold by choosing the format and adjusting the values of the Payment and Number of Participants fields and clicking Update:


Actual Ad Removal Rate may be different than calculated here, depending on pool duration.