How to Navigate Within a Pool

With the limited space to work with on mobile screens, we have organized a number of links and options and put them in the Pool Navigation, which is located near the top of all pool pages, under the page header showing the pool name and format:

Pool Navigation

The Pool Navigation is separated into two parts:

Pool Menu

The Pool Menu consolidates all the Pool and Admin links.

Pool Menu

Under the Pool Pages, you can:

  • Access all your pool pages: My Picks, All Picks, Standings, Message Board and Pool Stats.

Under the Pool Functions, you can:

  • Change pool handles (if you have more than one handle in the pool)
  • Join another handle to the pool
  • Start your own pool based on the config of the pool you're in (Clone Pool)
  • Set your Automated Picks Option (if enabled in your pool)

Under the Pool Details, you can:

  • View the pool's Rules and Prizes
  • View the pool configuration summary
  • View the pool pick logs

Under the Pool Admin (visible to pool Admins only), you can:

  • Manage your pool participants
  • Manage your pool invites
  • Send email to all pool participants (with verified email addresses)
  • Set the Pool Notice that will be displayed on all pool pages
  • Edit your pool config

Page Settings

The Page Settings contains all the options that are applicable to the page being viewed.

Page Settings

Below are some of the more common examples.

From the My Picks page, you can:

  • Navigate to future/past weeks
  • Select a pool participant to make picks for (for Pool Admins only)

From the All Picks page, you can:

  • Navigate to future/past weeks
  • Highlight a particular participant
  • Disable in-game scoring updates (for applicable leagues and pool formats)
  • Have picks sorted by rank or handle

From the Standings page, you can:

  • Navigate to future/past weeks
  • Highlight a particular participant
  • Highlight all your participating handles

From the Manage Participants page (for Pool Admins only), you can:

  • Search for a particular participant
  • Filter the list of participants based on various options (paid, unpaid, etc.)