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Doug K.

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"I switched to your site and it is awesome. I have run many pools over the years, and this by far makes it so much more convenient and fun for all."

Jason C.

"Each year I usually find some reason for reaching out with a question and your response time is always stellar."

Jason C.

"I swear by your site! Love you guys. Platonically speaking."

Dawn K.

"I want to thank you all again for doing such a great job on this site. You are fantastic!"

Office Pool Junkie has been helping thousands of people run their office pools since 2006. Choose from a wide variety of pool formats in all your favourite sports to keep the fun going all year round. If you want, you can use Office Pool Junkie as your office pool manager for free!

NFL Football


Pool formats include Pick 'Em, Survivor, Confidence, Margin, Playoff Bracket and Super Bowl Squares

NFL Football Office Pools »

NHL Hockey


Pool formats include Pick 'Em, Survivor, Confidence, Margin and Playoff Bracket

NHL Hockey Office Pools »

NBA Basketball


Pool formats include Pick 'Em, Survivor, Confidence, Margin and Playoff Bracket

NBA Basketball Office Pools »

MLB Baseball


Pool formats include Pick 'Em, Margin and Postseason Bracket

MLB Baseball Office Pools »

MLS Soccer


Pool formats include Pick 'Em, Survivor, Confidence, Margin and Playoff Bracket

MLS Soccer Office Pools »

CFL Football


Pool formats include Pick 'Em, Survivor, Confidence, Margin and Grey Cup Squares

CFL Football Office Pools »

NCAA Basketball


Pool formats include March Madness Bracket

NCAA Basketball Office Pools »

NLL Lacrosse


Pool formats include Pick 'Em, Margin, Confidence and Survivor

NLL Lacrosse Office Pools »

NCAA Football


Bowl Game pool formats include Pick 'Em, Confidence, Margin and National Championship Squares

NCAA Football Office Pools »

FIFA Soccer


World Cup pool formats include Pick 'Em, Margin, Round Robin and Bracket

FIFA Soccer Office Pools »

UEFA Soccer


Euro Championship pool formats include Bracket

UEFA Soccer Office Pools »