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Calling All Office Pool Junkies!

Not enough time or energy to run your pool?  Tired of consolidating user's picks by paper, e-mail or spreadsheets?  Fed up with declaring winners or compiling standings manually?  Looking to simplify your pool administration duties?  Thinking of running a pool but don't know where to start?

Well this site is for you!  Welcome to Office Pool Junkie!

We've developed a wealth of online tools that will put the fun back into running your pools.  Our Pool Configuration Wizard will step you through the process of setting up your pool and will have you up and running in no time.

We're currently hosting the following 24 pool formats that'll keep the water cooler talk buzzing throughout the year:

bullet NFL Survivor
bullet NFL Pick 'Em
bullet NFL Confidence
bullet NFL Playoff Bracket
bullet Super Bowl Squares
bullet NHL Survivor
bullet NHL Pick 'Em
bullet NHL Confidence
bullet NHL Playoff Bracket
bullet NBA Survivor
bullet NBA Pick 'Em
bullet NBA Confidence
bullet NBA Playoff Bracket
bullet NCAAB March Madness Tournament Bracket
bullet NCAAB March Madness Championship Squares
bullet NCAAF Bowl Games Pick 'Em
bullet NCAAF Bowl Games Confidence
bullet CFL Survivor
bullet CFL Pick 'Em
bullet CFL Confidence
bullet Grey Cup Squares

Each format has configurable options that allow you to customize your pool to your needs.

Our goal is to become your sole source for online office pools!  As a testament to that, we're allowing you to pay what you want for hosting your pool with us!  That's right!  You can pay what you want!

Give us a test drive!  What do you have to lose?

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