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We support the concept of Private versus Public pools. While a Pool ID is required to join either type:

Private Pools also require a password to join, which is typically provided to invitees by the Pool Admin.

Public Pools do not require a password to join and are open for any registered OPJ user to join.

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Type Pool Entry Fee Participants Admin
2024 CFL Pool
2024 Pick 'Em
One-time: $25.00 73 Paul Greenlee
Member Since: 2011
Pools Administered: 13
Average Participants: 55.3
2024 Pick 'Em
One-time: $20.00 29 Roger Sydorko
Member Since: 2013
Pools Administered: 8
Average Participants: 53.8
Ballerpark CFL Pickem
2024 Pick 'Em
One-time: $20.00 10 Shane Korman
Member Since: 2011
Pools Administered: 24
Average Participants: 16.1
Messi's Playground
2024 Pick 'Em
One-time: $0.00 2 Scott Solomon
Member Since: 2021
Pools Administered: 3
Average Participants: 3.7