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[NFL] 2019 NFL Point Spread Pool

Message from the Pool Administrator
Message from the Pool Administrator

Entry fees can be paid via e-transfer (preferred) or cheque. Please send e-transfers to and make the security question: what is my pool handle? And make the answer YOUR handle. If entering multiple entries, use the first handle you join.

Please send cheques to:
Sean Dunn
201 Glenabbey Drive
Courtice, ON
L1E 0C4

Your entry fee is due by 1PM Sunday September 8th! No exceptions!

Pool Name: 2019 NFL Point Spread Pool
Pool Admin: Sean Dunn
Pool Format: NFL Pick 'Em
Season: 2019-2020
Pool Duration / Days of Week Played: Week 1 to 17 / Sundays & Mondays & Thursdays
Entry Fee: $100
Admin Fee / Admin Plays Free: $0 (admin fee deducted from pot before calculating prizes) / Yes
Weekly Winners Declared: 1
Weekly Prizes Fund Allocation: 44% (to be distributed over 17 weeks)
Weekly Prize Breakdown: 1st Place = 100%
Final Winners Declared: 5
Final Prizes Fund Allocation: 54%
Final Prize Breakdown: 1st Place = 39%
2nd Place = 27%
3rd Place = 18%
4th Place = 11%
5th Place = 5%

Every week, predict the winner against the spread of each game listed on the pick sheet (My Picks).

All games will be assigned spreads taken from reputable lines makers every Wednesday morning. Where applicable, the spreads will be augmented by -0.5 points to avoid any pushes (e.g. -7 becomes -7.5; -4 becomes -4.5; etc). If there is no line on a particular game at that time, the game will become a 'Pick', where you simply predict the winner. This is the only spread that will not be augmented by -0.5 points.

The spreads are used to establish how much your picks need to win/lose by.

Example: If Team A is favoured by 7.5 (i.e. Team A -7.5) over Team B.

You're correct if you pick Team A and Team A wins by more than 7.5.


You're correct if you pick Team B and Team B either wins or loses by less than 7.5 points.

Select one game each week as your Best Bet. That is, the pick you feel most confident about. You will be awarded 1 extra point for correct Best Bet picks.

The weekly winner will be determined by the participant with the highest weekly score. In the event of a tie, the weekly-tie-breaker will come into play, which will be settled by the participant who comes closest to predicting the week's final game's total score (over or under).

Final prizes will be awarded to the top 5 participant(s) with the highest cumulative score(s).

Please check the Pool's Prize Distribution for official prize amounts.

All picks must be in before their respective game times. You will not be able to make/change your pick on any game that has started.