Where to Find User Functions

There are several user functions that are available to all users when logged in to Office Pool Junkie:

How these user functions are accessed depends on the device you are using:

My Profile

On the My Profile page, you can maintain your name, email address, avatar, and email notification preferences.

If your email address is updated, you be asked to verify it again.

My Handles

On the My Handles page, you can:

  • Create pool handles
  • Set your default pool handle
  • Delete pool handles that are not joined to any pools (handles joined to pools can not be deleted)
  • Hide pool handles you are no longer using

My Password

On the My Password page, you change the password that is used to log in to Office Pool Junkie. The change takes effect on your next log in.

Log Out

Click Log Out to log out of Office Pool Junkie. If you clicked the "Keep me logged in for two weeks" option when you logged in, the cookie used will be deleted.

Accessing User Functions on Desktop

On a large screen, such as a desktop or a laptop, you can find the user functions by clicking on your avatar which is visible in the top menu.

Desktop User Menu

Accessing User Functions on Mobile

On a small screen, such as a mobile or a tablet, you can find the user functions by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the top menu () and then on your avatar.

Mobile User Menu