Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Users

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Users

The following are some common questions that are related to this topic.

helpHow do I change my pool handle?

You can't! If you joined a pool using the wrong handle, rejoin the pool with a different handle and ask your pool admin to remove the original one. If picks are made, your pool admin will have to re-enter your picks under your new handle.

helpWhy do I need to verify my email address?

In order to reduce the number of bounce-backs we get from emails sent from the site, we now require that your email is verified before we send email to it. The only exception are the password reset emails.

helpI forgot my login credentials, what can I do?

Please use our Password Reset form to reset your password.

helpHow do I join a pool?

There are two ways you can join a pool:

  1. Using a Join Link: a link shared by the pool admin inviting people to join their pool.
  2. Using the Pool ID and Pool Password: the unique Pool ID and pool admin defined password.

Using either method, you will need an Office Pool Junkie account to join a pool. If you don't have an account, you must register to get one.

helpCan I join some sort of public pool?

We currently do not support the concept of private vs. public pools. All pools run through Office Pool Junkie are considered private, where you must have the pool password in order to join.

helpDo I have to register a new user ID for each pool I join/create?

No, you only need to register one email address. Pool handles are then created for entries into pools.

helpHow do enter multiple entries in the same pool?

You must join distinct Pool Handles for each entry you want to enter. You can create new Pool Handles on the Manage My Handles page or when joining a pool.

helpHow do I disable automated e-mails?

To disable any automated e-mails, uncheck the appropriate checkbox on the Update My Profile page.

helpI'd like to use a different e-mail address than the one I registered with. Is that possible?

Yes, simply update your e-mail address on the Update My Profile page. Next time you login, use the updated e-mail address.

helpHow do I change my password?

Use the Change My Password page to update your password.

helpHow do I contact my Pool Administrator?

To e-mail your Pool Administrator, click the Contact Pool Administrator icon (email) on the My Pools page.

helpCan I look at past pools that are now over?

Yes, click the Archived Pools tab on the My Pools page.

helpHow does the Paid status on My Pools change to "Yes"?

The Paid status on the My Pools page is controlled by the Pool Administrator. Once they record a paid entry fee, the status will update accordingly.

helpWhy can't I post to the Pool Message Board?

The Pool Message Board is a configurable option for the pool. If your Pool Administrator hasn't enabled it, you will not be able to post to it.

helpIs the Pool Message Board moderated?

Only Pool Administrators can moderate Pool Message Boards. They can delete individual posts or entire topics. How they chose to moderate the Pool Message Board is completely up to them.

helpDoes the Pool Message Board support HTML tags?

No. We used to allow HTML tags to be used, but due to security and usability issues, that functionality has been removed.