Survivor Pool Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are some common questions that are related to Survivor office pools.

What leagues are supported?


If all remaining survivors get knocked out on the same week before the end of the pool, can they keep playing?

Should this occur, the site would eliminate all survivor participants and the pool would be over. As workaround, the pool admin can re-instate the surviving participants by changing their picks (for the week they went out) to winning picks.

Can I make my picks in advance?

Yes, you can! You can make your picks in advance by using the "Go to Week" drop-down list under Page Settings of the Pool Navigation menu.

Can the Pool Administrator make picks on behalf of participants?

Yes, the Pool Admin does have the ability to make picks on behalf of any pool participant, even after the listed game times (and/or weekly deadline, if one has been defined).

If the Pool Administrator can make picks beyond deadlines, doesn't that compromise the integrity of the pool?

To ensure that pools run from Office Pool Junkie have complete credibility, all save attempts are logged and made available to all participants.

Why do the NHL team records on the pick sheet not include overtime/shootout losses?

In our pools, an overtime/shootout loss is still a loss, so we just put them into the loss number.

Can participants see other participants picks?

Yes, participants picks are available on the All Picks page. Note that picks will only be displayed once the respective games have started (and/or once the weekly deadline has passed, if one has been defined).

What happens if people are tied after the pool is completed?

If we're declaring winners, in the event of a tie (more than one participant left at the end of the season), the final prizes will be calculated by dividing the prize funds evenly between the remaining poolies.

Can more than 1 winner be declared?

We currently only support declaring 1 final winner. It is something we're considering as a future enhancement. As a workaround, we've seen some admins post a pool notice describing THEIR distribution. A couple even made explicit mention to disregard the prize distribution listed under Rules & Prizes.

Can additional strikes be prohibited past a certain week?

Yes, additional strikes can be configured to be prohibited past any week. You define this under Step 2 of our Pool Configuration Wizard.