Squares Pool Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are some common questions that are related to Squares office pools.

What leagues are supported?


What games does this format apply to?

Can I use this format for games other than those listed above?

Currently, no!

When do the numbers get generated?

The random numbers will be displayed once the grid is filled OR once the deadline has passed.

What is the deadline for participants to buy squares?

The cut off is generally the start time of the game. The official deadline will be posted automatically in the Pool Notice.

Can the Pool Administrator buy squares on behalf of participants?

Yes, the pool administrator does have the ability to buy squares on behalf of any pool participant, even after the deadline.

What happens if the grid doesn't get filled?

The randomly generated numbers will be displayed after the deadline. How the prizes get divied up is at the discretion of the pool administrator.

How can I tell who each Pool Handle is?

Hold your cursor over a taken square to see who the Pool Handle corresponds to.

I've changed my mind and don't want a certain square. How can I remove it?

Contact your pool administrator. They have the ability to release squares so that other people can claim them.