Round Robin Pool Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are some common questions that are related to Round Robin office pools.

What leagues are supported?


What is the deadline for participants to make their picks?

The picks for the entire tournament must be in by the start time of the first game. Pool administrators also have the option to set a custom deadline.

Can the Pool Administrator make picks on behalf of participants?

Yes, the Pool Admin does have the ability to make picks on behalf of any pool participant, even after the listed deadline.

If the Pool Admin can save picks after the deadline, doesn't that compromise the integrity of the pool?

To ensure that pools run from Office Pool Junkie have 100% credibility, all save attempts are logged and made available to all participants. These save attempts can be viewed after the pick deadline on the Pool Logs page.

Can participants see other participants picks?

Yes, participants picks are available on the All Picks page. Note that picks will only be displayed once the deadline has passed.

What happens if people are tied after the pool is completed?

If we're declaring winners, in the event of a tie (in any place where a prize is awarded), the final prizes may be determined by a tie-breaker. If the tie-breaker is enabled for the pool, the person closest to predicting the total score of the last game of the tournament will be awarded the higher prize. If the tie-breaker is not enabled, the final prizes will be calculated by dividing the prize funds evenly between the tied poolies.