Pool Navigation - Quick Tutorial

Pool Navigation - Quick Tutorial

With the limited real-estate on mobile screens, things that were readily visible on the original version were organized and put in the Pool Navigation Menu, which is located near the top of all pool pages:

The Pool Navigation Menu is categorized in two sub-menus: Pool Menu and Page Settings.

Pool Menu

The Pool Menu sub-menu consolidates all the Pool and Admin functions.

Under the Select Pool Function, you can:

Under the Select Admin Function (visible to pool Admins only), you can:

Page Settings

The Page Settings sub-menu contains all the options that are applicable to the page being viewed.

Below are some of the more common examples.

From the My Picks page, you can:

From the All Picks page, you can:

From the Standings page, you can:

From the Manage Participants page (for Pool Admins only), you can: