Confidence Pool Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are some common questions that are related to Confidence office pools.

What leagues are supported?


Can I make my picks in advance?

Yes, you can! You can make your picks in advance by using the "Go to Week" drop-down list under Page Settings of the Pool Navigation menu.

Where are the spreads taken from?

The spreads are taken from reputable lines makers on Wednesday mornings. Where applicable, spreads are augmented by -0.5 points to avoid pushes. If no spread is available for a given game, the spread will be entered as a "Pick", where participants are expected to predict the winner of the game (with no spread).

Why do the NHL team records on the pick sheet not include overtime/shootout losses?

In our pools, an overtime/shootout loss is still a loss, so we just put them into the loss number.

I made my picks and clicked Save, but my picks didn't save. Why?

You must assign a weight to a pick for it to be saved.

Can the Pool Administrator make picks on behalf of participants?

Yes, the Pool Admin does have the ability to make picks on behalf of any pool participant, even after the listed game times (and/or weekly deadline, if one has been defined).

If the Pool Administrator can make picks beyond deadlines, doesn't that compromise the integrity of the pool?

To ensure that pools run from Office Pool Junkie have complete credibility, all save attempts are logged and made available to all participants.

Can participants see other participants picks?

Yes, participants picks are available on the All Picks page. Note that picks will only be displayed once the respective games have started (and/or once the weekly deadline has passed, if one has been defined).

What happens if people are tied and the weekly tie-breaker hasn't been enabled?

If we're declaring the winner, the weekly prize would be divided equally among the winning participants.

What happens if two people are tied even after the weekly tie-breaker comes into play?

If we're declaring the winner, the weekly prize would be divided equally among the winning participants.

What happens if people are tied for final prizes?

The best way to answer this is through an example. Let say a pool has been configured to pay out the 5 final places, and 1 person finished alone in 1st, 2 people were tied for 2nd, and 3 people were tied for 4th.

The payouts would work out as follows: 1st place would get the 1st place prize. The 2 people tied for 2nd would each get the 2nd place prize PLUS the 3rd place prize DIVIDED BY 2. The 3 people tied for 4th would each get the 4th place prize PLUS the 5th place prize DIVIDED by 3.

What happens in the event of a tie game?

If the spread is not being used, a tie will be treated as an incorrect pick and no points will be awarded.