Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Pool Admins

The following are some common questions that are related to this topic.

How do I start a pool?

You must register to create a pool. To create a pool, click the Start a Pool button at the top of the My Pools page. You will be taken to our Pool Configuration Wizard, which will step you through the process of creating your pool.

Can I set a deadline for all picks to be made in my pool?

Yes, you can! When creating your pool (except for Squares pools), you now have the ability to define a deadline for all picks to be made. Once that deadline has passed, changes to picks will be prohibited. Note that if a game is being played before a weekly deadline (e.g. a Thursday night NFL game), the pick for THAT game must be made before the game starts.

Can the Pool Administrator make picks on behalf of participants?

Yes, the Pool Admin does have the ability to make picks on behalf of any pool participant, even after the listed game times (and/or deadline, if one has been defined).

To make picks for another participant, simply expand the Page Settings menu on your pick sheet, select the participant from the drop-down and click Go. You can then make and save their picks as you would do your own.

Note: If the pool is configured with Restricted Admin Privileges, picks will only be allowed to be made BEFORE any pick deadline.

Can the Pool Administrator make picks beyond any deadline?

Yes, the Pool Admin does have the ability to make picks beyond any deadline.

If the Pool Administrator can make picks beyond deadlines, doesn't that compromise the integrity of the pool?

To ensure that pools run on Office Pool Junkie have complete credibility, all save attempts are logged and made available to all participants.

Does this site allow me to track participant's entry fees?

Yes, you can do this on the Manage Participants page.

Can I change the options in a pool after I've created it?

Yes, you can change all options if no picks have been made. However, once picks have been made, you will not be able to change some options. Consequently, we strongly recommend you settle on your options before inviting participants to join your pool.

How do I invite people to join my pool?

The best way to invite people is to send them the Join Link via e-mail or social media. Detailed instructions can be found on the Manage Pool Email page.

Where do I find my Join Link?

The Join Link is included in the auto-generated e-mail you should receive after creating a pool. If you've misplaced the e-mail, it can be obtained by viewing the Pool Configuration. From the My Pools page, click the corresponding View Pool Configuration icon. You can also obtain the Join Link from the Manage Pool Email page.

Can I broadcast something to all pool participants?

Yes, you can post a Pool Notice which will appear at the top of all pool pages. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to pool participants from the Manage Pool Email page.

Does the Pool Notice support HTML tags?

No. We used to allow HTML tags to be used, but due to security and usability issues, that functionality has been removed.